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Online giving options

1.Planning center giving

Planning Center Giving is priced at a flat fee for the total number of donations given per month. Online donations have an additional fee for payment processing. View Pricing


Mobile App:

Provide donors with a seamless giving experience on the free Church Center app.


Link to or embed the online interface where people can give via card, ACH bank transfer, or Apple Pay.


Encourage spontaneous giving by accepting instant donations via text message.

Cash and Check:

Count batches of physical donations quickly and accurately, or use a check reader for extra speed.


To get started with Planning Center Giving go to and click Start Your Free Trial. Next, enter your Org name, Your name, an email address and a password. This will create an account and allow you to get started.

The setup takes about 30 minutes or so. Planning Center will walk you through each step, but here are two important items you should know before getting started:

  1. Once you've completed the setup, you'll be the sole administrator. Only Giving administrators will be able to access Giving, but you can always add other admins later. (See Adding An Admin)

  2. During this setup process, you'll create a Stripe Account (or sign in to an existing one). A Stripe account is required to set up and use PCO Giving. *Note: Think of Planning Center Giving as a cash register and Stripe as a bank.

Some information you'll need for setting up a Stripe account:

  • Organization Information (name, address, phone, website, etc)

  • Tax ID number (EIN or SSN for your non-profit)

  • Last 4 of the SSN for the main "owner"

  • Bank routing and account number for payouts

After setup, you'll have some followup tasks like enabling text-to-give, configuring the free Church Center mobile, and more

If you need any help as you're getting set up, use the ? at the top right to open a ticket with the support team or browse the knowledge base. has no contracts or setup costs. Simply pay a payment processing fee per transaction. View Pricing


Five Ways To Give:

One easy-to-use and highly secure platform tailor-made for churches and ministries.

Daily Deposits:

Choose to have funds deposited daily, weekly, or monthly into your bank account.

In-Depth Reports:

See full gift / transaction / deposit reporting that includes all the info you need to manage financials.

Cash and Check Recording:

Track your offline and online giving in one consolidated system with's cash and check gift entry.

Auto-Recurring Giving:

Donors can easily set up recurring giving with one click to improve giving consistency.

Cover The Fees:

Allow those giving the option to increase their gift by enough to cover the processing fees.

Text Giving:

Text-to-give done right! Simply text a number (e.g. 100) and your contribution has been made.


Allow donors to give in three seconds or less with just one tap using QuickGive

information needed before setup

Before you set up you will need certain information about your organization. Please gather this information before beginning the setup process.

Basic Church Information:

  • Church Name and Address

  • Email Address and Phone number for the primary contact ('s team will reach out when you finish your signup)

  • Your Church's website (a Facebook link is ok if you don't have a website)

Official Organizational Information:

  • The Church's EIN (aka the Federal Tax Number)

  • Bank account number and Routing number

Legal Representative Info:

  • Name and date of birth

  • A photo of their photo ID (most commonly driver's license)

  • The last 4 digits of their social security number

get started

Once you have all the information gathered, navigate to and enter your organization information

*Note: After your account is created MUST verify your account. In order to do that, a member of their team will call/email you. Please be on alert for this communication as WILL NOT deposit funds into your bank account until they verified your identity.

Once your account has been verified, follow the checklist to configure your account.

3.rebel give

Rebel Give is a fixed, low price. They never take a cut of the tithe and there are no hidden fees. View Pricing


Accept Giving On Every Page Of Your Website

RebelGive is the only church giving platform that empowers your church to accept gifts on every single page of your website through the GivingFlow. No more searching for the link.


Encourage recurring giving with just a single tap or click.

Unlike most giving platforms, there are no complicated options or drop-downs that confuse givers. Just simple, one-tap options that help them easily set up recurring giving


No extra devices, kiosks, apps, or texting required.

Dedicated devices, apps, and texting are a thing of the past. People already have the most powerful giving devices in their pockets and your website is already the easiest way to rally people around your church’s next steps.

Easily give to specific funds.

Track your offline and online giving in one consolidated system with's cash and check gift entry.

information needed before setup

Before you set up Rebel Give you will need certain information about your organization. Please gather this information before beginning the setup process. 

Information needed to get started

get started

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