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Simulated Live Stream

What is a simulated Live Stream?

A simulated live stream is simply a pre-recorded service that is played back at any designated service time. The best thing is it can be done for FREE!
Here are the step by step instructions to help you get your service online

1. film the service with your phone

Any modern smartphone has the capability of recording video. Simply set the phone on a tripod and record your service using the native camera app. Once you finish recording you can trim the beginning and end of the video.

2. Upload the video to a youtube account

Create a youtube account for your church and upload the recorded video to that account.

3. Connect that video to your Church Online Platform

Church Online Platform is a free platform offered by Life.Church. It allows you to engage with the viewers on many different levels.


Once the video is added to the Church Online Platform, you can select your service times for when the video will go live. With the video live, viewers are able to interact, request prayer, fill out connect cards, etc.
Church Online Example
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